Six tips on how to handle a job offer

Six tips on how to handle a job offer

Article by InterSearch Norway.

As executive search specialists, we often find that candidates are uncertain about how to handle the situation once they’ve received a job offer.

The moment is crucial because even though you’ve already received the offer, it’s important to remember that you’re still in the interviewing process. How you choose to handle this situation can affect negotiations, the onboarding process, and your future relationships with colleagues. If you choose to decline the offer, it’s important to ensure that the impression you leave behind is a positive one.

Our six tips for you are:

‍1. Show appreciation and enthusiasm, and let the employer know when you plan to respond.

‍2. Sleep on it! Avoid making an emotional decision. Give yourself time to make a rational and informed decision.

‍3. Review the offer with someone you trust, a trusted colleague, or someone who can help you evaluate the offer objectively.

‍4. Keep a close dialogue with the recruitment company and inform them as soon as you have made your decision. Afterward, we recommend that you either phone or send an email to the employer to thank them for the process.

‍5. If you want to negotiate the offer, we recommend that you present all your comments collectively. Be prepared to accept immediately if the employer agrees to your input.

‍6. If the offer has an expiry date, don’t wait to respond if you’ve already made up your mind. If you choose to decline, make sure you do it in due time and be professional.

By following these simple guidelines, you can ensure that you leave a positive impression regardless of your decision.

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