10 tips to master your virtual interviews

10 tips to master your virtual interviews

Article by InterSearch Romania, (Pendl & Piswanger Romania).

Virtual interviews have redefined our hiring processes, a tool as powerful as it is convenient, making geographical boundaries obsolete. Here are 10 easy to follow steps to master your next online interview:

1.Test your technology. Practice navigating on a digital platform before your interview. Get comfortable with the tool you choose and make sure your equipment is working perfectly before the interview. Make sure your internet connection is functioning well and don’t forget to check the camera too. Prepare for unexpected (for instance have a Mobile Hotspot available if needed). Technical proficiency is a silent statement of your adaptability.

2. Dress for the job as if you were going to the office. This instills a sense of professionalism, boosts your confidence, and creates a great first impression.

3. Your background should be as professional as you are.

4. Don’t forget the lighting! Avoid light source (or window during daylight) positioned behind you because you’ll turn into a blurry silhouette, and the recruiter will spend their time trying to see you instead of focusing on what you have to say. If you have a desk light, position it towards your face so you’re clearly visible. Try to use cool rather than warm light.

5. Maintain eye contact (with the camera, not with the screen!). Be mindful of your posture and use gestures to emphasize your points. In virtual interviews most subtle cues of attention are lost, so take your time to pause, when necessary, absorb information, think and ponder responses or think up follow-up questions.

6. Always turn off your phone and never answer it during an interview. Keep the phone in silent mode away from your sight.

7. Minimize distracting background noises. Find a quiet place and tell the other members you share the space that you have an important interview and are not to be interrupted. Utilize the “mute” function when you are not speaking to prevent ambient noises from distracting your interviewer.

8. Active listening is as important as in a face-to-face interview. If you have asked a question, listen to the answer. If the interviewer does not answer straight away, do not leap in with another question. Give them time to think and answer.

9. Give the interviewer the chance to ask questions. Allow yourself pauses, don’t fill in any silence interval. Do not panic into thinking that every second needs to be filled with words. Pauses make you look more rather than less in control and transform the interview in a dialogue instead of a boring monologue.

10. Send a follow up e-mail after the interview to reinforce your interest and show your professional courtesy.

Next time you are facing a digital interview, remember these steps to stand out even from behind a screen.

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