Executive Search

A personal approach

InterSearch is an Executive Search specialist. Our targeted search via AI search engines, our network, social media, our trusted sources and website finds the unique people who create motivation and results in your company. Our goal is to deliver beyond your expectations. We focus on a personal approach and quality in the Executive Search process.

The needle in the haystack

You need the best leader. We assist you in finding the unique candidate for your company.

Our processes are governed by quality and competence. We start the recruitment process with an in-depth interview to get to know you and the company's requirements. Our personal dialogue with the candidates expands their perspective on new career opportunities and professional growth.

Our consultants have extensive experience and broad expertise giving you the confidence that we understand your requirements and will be a solid advisor throughout the process. We are committed to representing your company in the best possible way.

Good dialogue, confidentiality and discretion are essential in our everyday lives. You will always experience us as future-oriented, relevant and inclusive.

We are uniquely positioned to be able to carry out combined Search & Development assignments at middle / top manager and specialist levels. Our global affiliation gives us access to the best candidates. We focus on competence and diversity in all our processes.

Or put another way; the needle in the haystack!

Recruiting the right leader is strategically one of the most important things you do to create success.

Competent and solid board members are equally important for the strategic work. Therefore we  actively work with the recruitment of board members so that you acquire the right breadth of diversity and competence. In this regard, we  also  actively contribute to the project «Board candidates U37» in Stavanger Chamber of Commerce

Our goal is to find the right candidate for you and your company.

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